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Thread: Lets build a neural network based scalper together

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    hi.... i will testing it... i am waiting this one to be develop..

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    Thats great.... I can do program little and test a lot..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Agreed. If you are working with data in a range other than [-1;1] or [0;1], then you need to normalize those data. Here is the theory: - You determine the data range. Let say you are working on EURUSD, so your data range will be something like [1.1;1.6] - You convert all data to the range [0;1] (or [-1;1] if needed) - You process the data thru the ANN - You de-scale the resulting outputs using the same original scale. in this case, you convert all data from range [0;1] back to [1.1;1.6]. Here is a function ported in MQL4 from Atmel-C (C-based language used to program Atmel AVR processors) that just do that: Inserted Code double map(double x, double in_min, double in_max, double out_min, double out_max) { return ((x - in_min) * (out_max - out_min)(in_max - in_min) out_min); } Example: To convert x from range [0.5;2.5] to range [0;1]: Inserted Code x2 = map(x,0.5,2.5,0,1);


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